Can Your Gun Swim?

Once of Smart Parts’ sales representatives posted on PBN the durability of their electropneumatic paintball markers, specifically their SP-1 and Vibe. Both of these paintball guns retail for about $150 each. These two markers are considered entry/beginner level guns, competing with most Kingman Spyders and the notorious Tippmann 98 Custom. Smart Parts is really trying to win the beginner-level market. Why? Because the average paintballer only plays for about two years… no joke. Because of this, the volume of beginner players is much higher than experienced.

A few months ago I threw together a table comparing the new Smart Parts gun line. I suggest you take a look at it if you’re curious to see how the Vibe and SP-1 will match up against the others.

By reducing and refining the electropneumatic systems that we have perfected in professional level paintball markers, our design team has radically raised the bar for performance, reliability and efficiency that is affordable to the first time player. While both new markers share the same internal structure and operating characteristics, each has its own unique flavor: the Vibe for the player moving fast on the speedball field, and the SP-1 for the scenario player in the woods. –Scott

Tippmann’s 2008 Gun Lineup


Tippmann recently sent out their 2008 product catalog to all of their dealers. I got mine today and must say that I’m impressed with their innovation. On top of their X7 and A-5, Tippmann is introducing 3 “new” markers into their 2008 product line: the 98 Custom Pro Platinum Series, 98 Custom Platinum Series, and Field Rental Marker. In reality they’re just modified 98 Customs. However, they each serve a purpose.

Tippmann 98 Custom (Platinum Series)
“For the beginner or seasoned pro, the new 98 Custom Platinum Series Marker line maintains the reliability and durability you have come to expect from Tippmann. And with the new split receiver design it is even easier to customize, maintain, and upgrade.”

Tippman 98 Custom Platinum Series

Tippmann 98 Custom Pro (Platinum Series)
The 98 Custom Pro comes with an 11-inch high-performance barrel for better accuracy, double trigger, and a drop forward. Comes with A.C.T (Anti-Chop Technology). A small bump up from the regular 98 Custom.

Tippmann 98 Custom Pro Platinum Series

Tippmann Field Rental Marker
Since the 98 Custom is already a standard field rental gun, Tippmann decided to create a Field Rental version of the 98 Custom specifically made to withstand consumer use. They added the ACT technology and put an extra durable acrylic finish to it. Basically it’s a 98 that you can beat the crap out of with little ball chops.


2008 PSP Phoenix Event

2008 PSP Paintball Tournament

The 2008 PSP Phoenix event is just around the corner. It is the first of 5 events being held this year between March 13th to 16th (2008 schedule). For the noobs, the PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) is a paintball tournament venue in the United States. Admission is free. Personally, I’ve been to about 5 or 6 of the PSP events over the past few years and had a great time. They’re tons of fun. Watching the games at the PSP are short and sweet, but extremely aggressive.

Teams should register ASAP, space is limited.

Even if you don’t have a team, definitely mark your calendar ‘PSP’ with a big red marker on March 13-16.

Team Ironmen won last year. I predict Russian Legion to take the gold for the 2008 season.


PSP’s 2008 Schedule

Phoenix Open
Dates: March 13th-16th
Location: Glendale Youth Sports Complex at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

Mid-Atlantic Open
Dates: May 8th-11th
Location: PBC Sports Park, Rock Hill, SC
Chicago Open
Dates: June 25th-29th
Location: Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, Bolingbrook, IL

Northeast Open
Dates: August 14th-17th
Location: All American Paintball Park, Greensburg, PA

World Cup*
Dates: October 20th-26th
Location: Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex, Orlando, FL

2008 PSP Prizes

XBall Division 1

1st – $10,000
2nd – $5,000
3rd – $2,500
4th – $1,500

XBall Division 2

1st – $8,000
2nd – $4,000
3rd – $2,000
4th – $1,000

XBall Division 3

1st – $5,000
2nd – $2,500
3rd – $1,500
4th – $1,000

5-man XBall Division 3

1st – $2,500
2nd – $1,500
3rd – $1,000
4th – $500

5-man XBall Division 4

1st – $1,800
2nd – $1,000
3rd – $600
4th – $300


NXe JRNY Hopper
NXe JRNY Paintball Hopper

“The JRNY has arrived”, according to This new self-praised paintball hopper has been getting a great response from the paintball community thus far. The NXe JRNY officially hit the shelves February 1st, but with limited supply due to a “software problem” on their first batch (so far so good guys!).

The video below is the NXe CEO explaining the new hopper. I actually think it’s going to perform fairly well on field; unless of course they have another software problem.

Here is a little bit more information about what makes the JRNY unique:
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Paintball Takes a Price Hike

Kee Action Sports

After posting about how the Proto SLG took a price cut, here I am delivering bad news about a price increase… this time with Draxxus and Procraps paintballs and many other paintball products. Kee Action Sports, the parent company of all these products, released a press release a few weeks ago informing their customers (most of us) that there’s going to be a major price increase within the next 30 to 60 days. Their reasoning behind this action is what you’ve been hearing everywhere: Oil and our economy. KEE Action Sports is reliant upon oil for the manufacturing of their paintballs and paintball products. And as the US dollar consistently decreases, “our only practical alternative left to us is to take action on the price of many of our paintball products…”.

So basically paintball is becoming even more expensive. What’s being done about it? Well, since every paintball you shoot will soon cost you more per shot, the only alternative we can choose is to simply shoot less. The PSP recently changed their maximum allowed rate of fire from 15 BPS to 13 BPS, a good first step. A lot of price control has to do with the end consumer (that’s you and me). Theoretically, if you shoot less, demand goes down, and price goes down.

In my 8 years in paintball, I’ve constantly heard the general public complaining on how expensive the sport is. They’re right, it is; and it’s that very fact that drives most people away from paintball. With an average lifespan for a paintballer being about 2 years, something needs to be done about this. Paintball is becoming a get-in, get-out activity, which isn’t beneficial to players and businesses. To the paintball businesses out there, do what you need to do in order to survive, but remember that the real purchasing power comes from us consumers. Just don’t piss us off too much with high prices. 😉

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Proto SLG Drops in Price

Proto SLG Paintball Guns
Proto SLG Paintball Marker

The Proto SLG has recently dropped in price from $249.95 to $199.95. The good thing about this is that it increases its competition with the Smart Parts Ion, its biggest rival. I personally own the SLG (two of them actually), and they shoot with very little “kick” and with great overall accuracy. On top of this, Dye Precision (Proto’s parent company) designed the gun to use its air intake as efficiently as possible.

Q: What does the SLG stand for?
A: Super Light Gun.

The Proto SLG comes stock with Dye’s patented Hyper 3 regulator. Dye claims that their new Hyper3 gives its shooters a velocity consistency of +/- 3 fps (quite amazing). This will in turn give you even better air efficiency, and ultimately give you more shots per air fill.

So if you’re in the market for a new paintball gun at a relatively cheap price, or you’re just sick of your Ion, go with the Proto SLG. 🙂

Lubing Up is Crucial

Smart Parts Sleek Lubrication

Lubing your paintball gun is absolutely necessary for any marker owner. How often do you use your paintball gun? There is no doubt, lubing your paintball gun periodically is the most important maintenance you can perform on your marker. If you play with your marker (i.e. shoot it with paintballs or Reballs) 3 or more times a week, you should lube all moving parts every week or so. At a molecular level, it really improves the longevity of your internal o-rings, and in turn, improves your air efficiency and overall gun accuracy. If you don’t know what that means or how the guns even work, just take my word for it. Like taking care of a car, you change your oil every 3,000 miles; like taking care of your paintball marker, you lube your gun every week or two.


I personally recommend only two types of paintball gun lube:

1. Smart Parts Sl33k Lube

2. Dye Slick Lube

I really only suggest using these two lubricants, but for a reason. The Sl33k lube was developed by Dow Corning, the world’s leading manufacturer of silicone-based products. It really comes down to another molecular level, where only certain kinds of lubes “treat” your internal o-rings with “respect”. The Smart Parts Sl33k and Dye Slick lube have the correct “thickness” that most paintball gun bolts need in order to work efficiently. In fact, when we were in Atlanta for the paintball tradeshow, one of Dye’s regional reps claimed that the Sl33k lube really tops most other gun lubes out there.

Take care of your gun and it will take care of you 😉

Tiberius 8 Paintball Pistol, One of the Sickest

Tiberius 8 Paintball Pistol
Tiberius 8 Paintball Pistol is currently attending the Paintball Extravaganza tradeshow for business owners in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is filled with exhibitors, both small and large, strutting off their products. While browsing through the exhibits, the Tiberius booth caught my eye out of all the rest. The Tiberius 8 (formerly known as the TAC8 and TAG8) is the first paintball pistol to be magazine fed and use .68 caliber paintballs. It uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges, which can be bought for roughly 89 cents each. The magazine holds a total of 8 paintballs (8 shots, 8 kills 😉 ). For those wondering what the air efficiency is like, you can go through roughly 3 magazines (or 24 shots) before you need to replace the CO2 cartridge.


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2008 PSP Phoenix Open


I usually like announcing when major paintball tournament venues announce their schedules for the new year (happy new year by the way). Paintball Sports Promotions is hosting their first tournament of the year in Phoenix, Arizona from March 13th to 16th, 2008. Tournaments like these are a great opportunity where paintball players of any experience, from nooby to pro, can enjoy the fun and excitement paintball has to offer. So, if you’re in the mood to see some intense games of paintball being played right behind the nets, be sure to check out this tournament.

Paintball Sports Promotions is excited to announce our first event of the season, the 2008 Phoenix Open. The event will be held March 13th-16th at the Glendale Youth Soccer Complex at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ. Read more.