Can Your Gun Swim?

Once of Smart Parts’ sales representatives posted on PBN the durability of their electropneumatic paintball markers, specifically their SP-1 and Vibe. Both of these paintball guns retail for about $150 each. These two markers are considered entry/beginner level guns, competing with most Kingman Spyders and the notorious Tippmann 98 Custom. Smart Parts is really trying […]


NXe JRNY Paintball Hopper “The JRNY has arrived”, according to This new self-praised paintball hopper has been getting a great response from the paintball community thus far. The NXe JRNY officially hit the shelves February 1st, but with limited supply due to a “software problem” on their first batch (so far so good guys!). […]

Tiberius 8 Paintball Pistol, One of the Sickest

Tiberius 8 Paintball Pistol is currently attending the Paintball Extravaganza tradeshow for business owners in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is filled with exhibitors, both small and large, strutting off their products. While browsing through the exhibits, the Tiberius booth caught my eye out of all the rest. The Tiberius 8 (formerly known as the […]

2008 PSP Phoenix Open

I usually like announcing when major paintball tournament venues announce their schedules for the new year (happy new year by the way). Paintball Sports Promotions is hosting their first tournament of the year in Phoenix, Arizona from March 13th to 16th, 2008. Tournaments like these are a great opportunity where paintball players of any experience, […]