2008 Smart Parts Paintball Gun Line

Smart Parts released a few more paintball guns into their 2008 product line. The Ion XE, EOS, Vibe, and SP-1 are all now part of the Smart Parts family. I put together a small Smart Parts paintball gun comparison table with information pulled from SmartParts.com. The table depicts the differences in specifications between the markers, […]

Enter to Win a Free Dynasty Dysected DVD

PaintballGuns.net is hosting a give-away for a Dynasty Dysected paintball DVD. Team Dynasty put together this DVD as an instructional, how-to video guide to the sport. The give-away has been opened for almost a month now. The winner is picked on Halloween (October 31st). Be sure to get your entry in and stay tuned.

Kingman Offers Universal Mail-in Rebates $10-$20 Off

Are you planning on purchasing a Kingman Spyder anytime soon? You’re in luck if you are. Kingman Spyder has just opened up a universal Mail-in Rebate program which allows its customers from any dealer (i.e. Xtremez, ActionVillage, or even local stores) to mail in their receipt, UPC code, and coupon form and receive a rebate […]

Ballers – Is Paintball a Sport? (video documentary)

Spite Digital Productions released a very well-done paintball documentary titled ‘Ballers’. The short, 10 minute video has interviews of regular folks answering questions regarding the “sport”. The ultimate question this video documentary addresses is: “Is paintball considered a sport or a mere hobby?” I believe the argument can go both ways, honestly. It’s an interesting […]

Xtreme Paintball on Fox Sports Net

The NPPL has arranged a contract for a 13 episode series on Fox Sports Net titled ‘Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint’. Beginning October 2nd at 4:30 pm (in all time zones), the new paintball television series will air a new episode every Tuesday for 13 weeks (hence the 13 episodes). What’s the show about? Thanks […]

Paintball – Some Random Facts

I’m the kind of guy who loves a good statistic, don’t you? Here’s a list of random facts and statistics relating to paintball in some way: Searching for ‘paintball‘ on Google, there are 22.5 Million returned results. PaintballGuns.net is ranked 10th (bottom of first page). Our paintball game has recently reached the 1 MILLIONTH game […]