Can Your Gun Swim?

Once of Smart Parts’ sales representatives posted on PBN the durability of their electropneumatic paintball markers, specifically their SP-1 and Vibe. Both of these paintball guns retail for about $150 each. These two markers are considered entry/beginner level guns, competing with most Kingman Spyders and the notorious Tippmann 98 Custom. Smart Parts is really trying […]

Tippmann X7 Goes On Sale

I was tipped off that Tippmann will be running a November promotion, placing all their Tippmann X7‘s 10-15% off regular price. If you’re in the market for an X7, now would be a great time buy one. One of Tippmann’s most successful and reliable paintball guns on the market, the X7 should perform well in […]

Kingman Offers Universal Mail-in Rebates $10-$20 Off

Are you planning on purchasing a Kingman Spyder anytime soon? You’re in luck if you are. Kingman Spyder has just opened up a universal Mail-in Rebate program which allows its customers from any dealer (i.e. Xtremez, ActionVillage, or even local stores) to mail in their receipt, UPC code, and coupon form and receive a rebate […]

The Votes are In

Our previous paintball poll was created almost a week ago, and the results are already showing. Our hope was to find out from the paintball community, who really is the Man: Tippmann or Kingman? With over 400 votes, I believe it’s safe to say that Tippmann is winning the race of “Most preferred Paintball Gun” […]