NXe JRNY Paintball Hopper “The JRNY has arrived”, according to nxejrny.com. This new self-praised paintball hopper has been getting a great response from the paintball community thus far. The NXe JRNY officially hit the shelves February 1st, but with limited supply due to a “software problem” on their first batch (so far so good guys!). […]

Merry Christmas, or Whatever!

We here at PaintballGuns.net would like to wish all of our visitors a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. Keep it real, keep it safe. *ALSO* Keep in mind that a lot of online and local paintball stores have after-Christmas sales and clearances. So if you get a bunch of cash from Aunt Susie or Uncle […]

Special Paintball Holiday Gift Guide

Xtremez.com is one of my personal favorite stores to shop for paintball gear. I’ve shopped with a few other online paintball stores over the 7 years I’ve been in paintball, and Xtremez is definitely one of the best. They ship internationally, and they’re fast. If you’re looking to get a good chunk of your Christmas […]

Tippmann A5 & X7 Hair Pin Trigger Mod

TechT Paintball came out with a mod for both Tippmann A5’s and X7’s, allowing your trigger pull to be much more sensitive; and in turn shoot faster. Most people prefer lighter trigger pulls in order to shoot faster. The “Hair Pin” trigger mod includes a few pins that the trigger mechanism in both guns use. […]

Happy Thanksgiving! … Any Deals?

Happy Thanksgiving from PaintballGuns.net! Put your gun down and relax. We’d like to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and hope you enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. Any Thanksgiving paintball deals floating around the web? Why yes there is. Actionvillage is probably the best place to visit if you’re looking to take […]

Tippmann Strikes Back with $20 Off

Remember when we posted about Kingman’s Spyder rebate deal? Tippmann is using a similar marketing campaign, offering $20 back via mail-in rebate if you buy a 98 Custom or 98 Custom Pro paintball gun. Kingman is offering only $10 back, but for all their markers except the VS3 and MR3 (their most expensive guns). The […]