2008 PSP Phoenix Open

I usually like announcing when major paintball tournament venues announce their schedules for the new year (happy new year by the way). Paintball Sports Promotions is hosting their first tournament of the year in Phoenix, Arizona from March 13th to 16th, 2008. Tournaments like these are a great opportunity where paintball players of any experience, […]

PSP Pictures Now Up

After a long day in the beating sun, we finally got back to the hotel to post the pictures. Team GSE, Team Shock Kidz, Team Femmes Fatale (all Division 2) are up. More will be added tonight and throughout the next few days. Feel free to rate and comment the pictures. View the pictures here.

We’re Here!

We just got into Omaha, Nebraska a few hours ago for the River City PSP. We stopped by the tournament to pick up our media passes and it looks like this will be a pretty fun tournament. There aren’t as many people at this event compared to the others, but enough to get some nice […]

PSP River City Open – Who’s Going?

Since PaintballGuns.net wasn’t able to make it to this year’s Chicago PSP event due to unpredicted circumstances (laziness), we’ve decided to take a road trip to Omaha, Nebraska – home of the next PSP event. Like always, we will be taking pictures inside the netting at the event. If you have a team that will […]