NXe JRNY Paintball Hopper “The JRNY has arrived”, according to nxejrny.com. This new self-praised paintball hopper has been getting a great response from the paintball community thus far. The NXe JRNY officially hit the shelves February 1st, but with limited supply due to a “software problem” on their first batch (so far so good guys!). […]

Ballers – Is Paintball a Sport? (video documentary)

Spite Digital Productions released a very well-done paintball documentary titled ‘Ballers’. The short, 10 minute video has interviews of regular folks answering questions regarding the “sport”. The ultimate question this video documentary addresses is: “Is paintball considered a sport or a mere hobby?” I believe the argument can go both ways, honestly. It’s an interesting […]

WDP Angel One

One of the most attractive paintball guns of today, WDP’s new Angel One dropped the jaws of many paintballers this year. With its top-of-the line ergonomics, the Angel 1 is just 7.2 inches (183mm) long and 8.6 Inches (219mm) high, giving it the smallest profile of any high end paintball gun available. Jonathon over at […]

2006 Angel Speed

One of my all-time, person favorite paintball guns, the 2006 Angel Speed made its debut in late 2005. While the gun is over a year old now, it still has some of the most useful features leading the industry today. For example, the 06 Angel Speed was featured as one of the easiest “Switch on […]

Ion Review – Revised!

Our Ion review has been revised and made much more thorough. Our intention is not to make you read for longer periods of time… Calm down! We’re to provide you more information, so you know what you’re purchasing.

ZephyrPaintball.com Store Review

Hello all. In today’s world of internet theft, online scams, and global warming, certain safety measures are needed to be taken while shopping online for paintball equipment. I’m going to start reviewing new online paintball stores on the net, in order to bring you the assurance you need while shopping online. Our first review is […]