Happy Labor/Paintball Day

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a break from the paintball blog. Now, it has come to my attention that not everyone knows what Labor Day actually is. And you know, I don’t think anyone does. Scholars have reason to believe it was a day created by the Aztecs to set a day aside to clean and maintainence their paintball guns. Pardon my bad humor. Anyways, Labor day is an annual holiday that resulted from efforts of the labour union movement, to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers.

It basically means a day off from school :-).

Happy paintballing.

Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball MAX’D for PlayStation®2 to Launch in Fall 2006

Greg Hastins Tournament Paintball Game

3 days ago, on August 28th, Greg Hastings announced that launch of GHTP for the Playstation 2 platform.

“GHTP MAX’D PS2 is faster-paced, has more realistic action and is super fun and challenging,” said Greg Hastings. “Fanning the triggers, jumping over ‘Snake’ bunkers, tight new authentic fields, snap shooting, turbo speed, diving – all this means the game is faster and more intense than ever.”

Critics claim that the new PS2 paintball game is considered the most fast paced PS2 game on the market. This version of GHTP differs from the rest. It’s speed performance has increased for the Sony platform, giving it a total of 60 frames per second. (That’s a good thing).

Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball MAX’D for the PlayStation 2 system will be available Fall 2006. GHTP MAX’D cell phone game soon to be available on Verizon, AllTel, and Amp’d Mobile. The cell phone game is what i’m looking forward to 🙂

More info can be found at GHTP.net

How To Shoot Faster – Strengthening Your Trigger Pull

It surprises me how many paintballers dance around one of the most elementary ideas of the sport of paintball… ripping paint! Now, I am in no way saying that your paintball skills solely rely on how many paintballs your shoot per second, but certainly you would agree with me that it has some importance. For example: You’re playing in a tournament, you and only one opponent is left in the game. You have the most accurate gun ever made, but you shoot 3 balls per second (BPS). Your opponent however, has his pimpin’ Smart Parts Ion and able to shoot 20 BPS. There is a small chance you would win, but the Ion player is much more likely. It’s just logical. Paintball isn’t just about accuracy, but logic. You must be able to lay down a line of paint at 15-20 BPS in order to provide coverage for your teammates. Point made.

That said, I have humbled myself enough to give a short and simple tutorial on how to increase the rate of your firing speed.

Get a rubber band, preferably two.

Rubber Band

Locate a hand and fingers you’d like to strengthen. Preferably your own and attached to a body.

Proceed to wrap the rubber band(s) around your pointer and middle finger like so…
Rubber Band Wrap

This part is optional, but highly recommended. Wrap the rubber band(s) again around your fingers to create more tension, and in turn strengthen your fingers in a more timely manner. Rubber Band Double Wrap

This is the exercise. What you’re going to do is simply pretend you’re ripping on your favorite paintball gun. Proceed to lift one finger up at a time, alternating up and down, just as you would when walking your gun. Try varying the speed of how you’re doing this. Try going in slow motion, to “rip” the finger muscles in order for them to rebuild stronger than before. Now try going really fast. Up

Do this every day for at least 5 minutes. Every week, see how faster you’ve become by using this trigger pull game as a way of testing your trigger pull BPS.

Force be with you.

Get Your Paintball Team Sponsored

Paintball Sponsor

That’s right. Learn how to get your paintball team sponsored now. Stop paying full price… stop paying at all even! This paintball sponsor article will teach you and your team the fundamentals on how to start up a team and the correct method to obtain paintball sponsors.

We’ll be covering the following steps in order to succeed in getting your team sponsored followed by a simple forumula to be guided by:

  • The Facts
  • The Team
  • A Leader
  • Seeking Sponsors
  • Patience

How To Get Your Paintball Team Sponsored

How To Build A Potato Gun

Potato Gun Yes… We crossed the line and want to show you how to make your own potato gun. Please, do not tell mother.

If the thought of firing a poor potato into a hard surface and having it disappear completely then this article is for you.

Some of these plans could be adapted to fire paint mortars of various types. Please use your head and keep researching before you build your first one.

If you do not have a solid understanding of the construction materials and how to work with them in a spud launcher then PLEASE don’t attempt to make any of these.

Read How to build a potato gun

How to Time an Autococker Video

For the Autococker marker owners out there, here is a very detailed and step-by-step instructional video on how to time the Autococker marker. He covers it pretty well, but if you have any questions about your cocker in reference to timing, feel free to ask me. Enjoy.

JDS STD LPR For Angel Guns

The JDS LPR is one of the most highly-acclaimed LPR’s on the paintball market. We’ve published a review that tests out the STD JDS LPR for the Angel paintball gun. The results are remarkable. If you own an Angel, Proto, Matrix, Freestyle, or Intimidator, we would definatley recommend you consider looking over this review… It can make all the difference to the performance of your paintball marker. Make sure you check out the video demonstration of the consitency of the Low Pressure Regulator.

Angel Paintball Gun LPR

Pump Guns

Pump guns are their own animal altogether. They do deserve a spot special in the ranks. Typically the markers are far more accurate than their open bolt rapid firing cousins. These guns are also much harder to modify because minimal research has been done on them. A bulk of the research that is done on markers is done for semi-automatics.

If you are a pump marker “stock class” player then you know the beauty in the “one shot, one kill” statement. And few things are more humorous than being able to stop a machine gunner with one well placed shot. After all it does only take one mark to take them out.

Keep it real, keep it safe

Pump Paintball Pistol