Sweet Spot Your Regulator

Now we all know the less air you use the more shots and better consistency you get this is a quick guide to help you get the most of your fills.

What you need:

  • Gun
  • Air
  • About 200 paintball (1 hopper)
  • Allen wrenches
  • Chronograph (for fine tuning)

Step one
Turn your velocity all the way out. Then turn it two turns in.

Step two
Turn your regulator and LPR (if you have one) as far out as possible

Step three
Slowly turn the regulator up a quarter turn then take two or three shots, make note of your velocity

Step four
As soon as the velocity starts to go down then turn the reg back 1/8 and your set to go

*NOTE* To time the LPR on an Autococker, you hold down the trigger so the back block is back, then turn it until it hits the cocking rod, then just turn it like 1/4 turn after that to be good.

Simple and sweet

Spyder Gun Mods – All You Need To Know!

Spyder Paintball Gun

There are many levels of the Spyder. These are usually divided up into the groups of markers that have mechanical triggers and electronic triggers. But let’s not forget the pump action Spyder Hammer. These markers are manufactured by Kingman International. We won’t go into heavy duty history here of the evolution of the Spyder.

The Spyder has become one of the most copied body types on the paintball market. This is the reason behind the vast amount of upgrades and available modifications available to a new Spyder owner. This also applies to those who are owners of Spyder clones. Most of these markers do use the same parts and many times the parts are interchangeable.

The Kingman Spyder semi-automatics are a stacked tube design. They are also a open bolt blow back type. The blow back part means that part of the gas expelled during firing is used to re-cock the bolt and make it ready to fire again. The basic difference between an open bolt marker and a closed bolt marker is the starting position of the bolt before firing. The open bolt starts with the bolt in the rear position behind the feed tube and a closed bolt starts forward of the feed tube. Several sources claim that closed bolt markers are more accurate than open bolt markers. We say if the physics involved apply to real world guns in their action then it also applies to paintball markers. Typically a closed bolt “bolt action” rifle is much more accurate than it rapid firing counter part of the same caliber.

Lets get on with the mods. The Kingman Spyder is a durable reliable marker right out of the package from the factory, however it has some issues that you can address to make it perform much better.


Dye Stops at the DM6… DM7 Abandoned?

Dye DM7

Rumor has it that Dye Precision will not be releasing the DM7. They will end production at the DM6. Most paintballers agree that the gun can’t get much smaller as it is. However, since this is still indeed a rumor a few paintballers disagree with the rumor due to the fact that Dye would still produce large amounts of sales even if the gun does not have any incredibly noticeable upgrades. People pay for looks in my opinion, so I would not be surprised if the Dye Matrix generation never was abandoned. Of course, it does make sense if their line did cease. There are also rumors that Dye may start picking up the “Etek idea”. Dye is supposedly releasing a low end paintball marker this year at the World Cup.

Not All Paintballs Were Created Equal

Constantly we’re hearing paintballers complain and complain about their paint not shooting straight. Of course many people assume it’s their gun malfunctioning or their barrel is crap. Well… what about the actual paint? We’ve published an article on why choosing your paint is crucial when playing paintball; whether it’s in the woods or at the NPPL. It’s an important subject to touch on and can prove that the smallest little changes can make you move on up to the pros faster than you thought 🙂

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PaintballUpload.com – Free Paintball Image Host

Paintball Upload

A new paintball website has been released. PaintballUpload.com is pretty much the image host of paintball… hence the name “PaintballUpload.com”. Not only does it allow you to upload and share your paintball pictures on the internet free of charge, but it also allows those who aren’t upload anything to view other paintball pictures people have posted. What makes it convenient is that the images are categorized by Guns, Equipment, Tournaments, Woodsball, etc… So browsing for pictures you want to see is easier than pie. Whatever that means.

And no it doesn’t cost money. It is 100% free. Check it out!

Marker Care

One of the most overlooked items in the paintball world is proper marker maintenance. We all want to mod our guns right out of the box but forget to clean it properly. Many gun owners do not know how to tear down their marker clean it and properly reassemble it. This can be bad news after a few broken paintballs get trapped in strange places, like the grip of a Tippmann 68 Carbine’s grip because of the mid barrel vents.

Many players fail to maintain their paintball guns until they malfunction. We have compiled a check list that will help you make the life and performance better.

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