Choosing the Right Paintball Mask

Paintball Mask


Yea yea, like you need another someone to tell you which paintball mask to buy now. Well that’s not true in this case. My job in this post is to simply inform you of the different features and flaws all the different paintball masks on the market have to offer.
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Merry Christmas, or Whatever!

Paintball Santa

We here at would like to wish all of our visitors a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. Keep it real, keep it safe.

*ALSO* Keep in mind that a lot of online and local paintball stores have after-Christmas sales and clearances. So if you get a bunch of cash from Aunt Susie or Uncle Frank, be sure to check the stores out as quickly as you can because cheap inventory goes fast.


Merry Christmas,

Special Paintball Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday paintball deals is one of my personal favorite stores to shop for paintball gear. I’ve shopped with a few other online paintball stores over the 7 years I’ve been in paintball, and Xtremez is definitely one of the best. They ship internationally, and they’re fast. If you’re looking to get a good chunk of your Christmas shopping done online, this is a safe, and very cheap place to get your paintball stuff. They also have a pretty nifty holiday gift guide for easy navigating.

Smart Parts Ion Takes a Price Cut – $164.95

Smart Parts Ion on sale

Xtremez is now offering the Smart Parts Ion for only $164.95, the lowest price on the web so far. If you’ve been on the moon the last few years, the Smart Parts Ion has been praised as one of the best low-end paintball guns on the market today. Its functionality and performance can be compared to the Tippmann 98 Custom.

Deals like these should be sprouting up all over the web these next few days for the holidays. Xtremez (and most other online paintball stores) is also offering guaranteed delivery by Christmas as long as your order is placed before the 14th to the 20th (depending on where you live). Keep in mind this 45% off the MSRP and wouldn’t be a bad gift to get for your family or friends (or yourself Twisted Smiley)

Tippmann A5 & X7 Hair Pin Trigger Mod

Tech Paintball A5 X7 Trigger mod

TechT Paintball came out with a mod for both Tippmann A5’s and X7’s, allowing your trigger pull to be much more sensitive; and in turn shoot faster. Most people prefer lighter trigger pulls in order to shoot faster. The “Hair Pin” trigger mod includes a few pins that the trigger mechanism in both guns use. According to Tech Paintball’s installation instructions, you simply switch around the pins in your A5 or X7 to your own personal preference. Basically you are replacing the pins in the trigger mechanism to reduce the amount of contact there is between the sear and hammer, and reduce the amount of movement that the trigger has. Together these attributes allow for higher rates of fire and a more response trigger.

A nifty little mod for any A5 or X7 owner. You can find the trigger mod for the 98 Custom here.

How to Make a Laser-Activated Paintball Gun

Have you ever wanted to convert your Tippmann X7, or any paintball gun for that matter, into a fully functional laser-activated killing machine? Who hasn’t? Team Cynergy, a central New Jersey paintball team, made a video tutorial on how to use a Red Dot laser sight with a Tippmann X7 so that every time the laser beam is crossed, the paintball gun is fired. Everything needed to make this mod for yourself can be purchased at your local Radio Shack (except for the laser sight and gun). Sweet huh?

The tutorial can get a little complicated as it uses microcontrollers (circuit boards), and the code is written with the P BASIC 2.5 programming language (don’t worry, I’ve never heard of it either).
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Happy Thanksgiving! … Any Deals?

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from! Put your gun down and relax. We’d like to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and hope you enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.

Any Thanksgiving paintball deals floating around the web? Why yes there is. Actionvillage is probably the best place to visit if you’re looking to take advantage of the holiday. They’re offering up to 80% off the original price on selected paintball items. Sale ends at the stroke of midnight on November 26th.

Xtremez doesn’t have a Thanksgiving sale as of this post, but they are offering free gun bags when you purchase any paintball gun. Use the coupon FREEBAG at checkout. is offering a flat 10% off all orders over $50, including shipping. Enter the code Thanksgiving at checkout. Sale ends November 26th as well.

I didn’t find any other Thanksgiving paintball specials other than those. If you stumble across any others feel free to let me know and I’ll add it.

Tippmann X7 Goes On Sale

Tippmann X7 November Special

I was tipped off that Tippmann will be running a November promotion, placing all their Tippmann X7‘s 10-15% off regular price. If you’re in the market for an X7, now would be a great time buy one. One of Tippmann’s most successful and reliable paintball guns on the market, the X7 should perform well in any paintball game type (woodsball or speedball).

The promotion starts November 16th and runs through the rest of November. The promotion by Tippmann Sports usually trickles down to the online retail stores like Actionvillage, Xtremez, etc. So keep you’re eyes peeled the next few days at your favorite online store to catch the savings.

Tippmann Strikes Back with $20 Off

Tippmann Paintball Special

Remember when we posted about Kingman’s Spyder rebate deal? Tippmann is using a similar marketing campaign, offering $20 back via mail-in rebate if you buy a 98 Custom or 98 Custom Pro paintball gun. Kingman is offering only $10 back, but for all their markers except the VS3 and MR3 (their most expensive guns).

The obvious downside to Tippmann’s offer is that it’s exclusive only to Tippmann 98 Customs. Regardless, it’s still a pretty good deal; especially if you’re looking for a new paintball marker this Christmas.

Interview w/ Craig Miller – VP of Paintball Sports Trade Association

Paintball Sports Trade Association

I had the pleasure to speak to Craig Miller, Senior VP of Procaps and DraXxus paintball, as well as VP of the newly formed Paintball Sports Trade Association. The PSTA has one clear mission: Increase the awareness, acceptance, and participation of Paintball all over the world. We asked Craig some questions that might help clarify what the PSTA’s purpose is.

Q: What is the ultimate purpose/goal of the PSTA?

Craig: The Mission Statement says it best: “To increase the awareness, acceptance, and participation in Paintball around the world”.

Q: How was it started and who’s idea was it?

Craig: It began in a Disney’s Wide World of Sports meeting room at the 2005 PSP World Cup. Many people within the industry have conversationally agreed over the years that our industry needs an industry association to promote Paintball to the world at large, and to be a clearinghouse for information on the game, on safety, on best practices, and Paintball in general. Most industries and sports have associations that do all of these things, and now finally, Paintball joins the ranks of Baseball, Football, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, etc., with an industry association to promote the safe growth of our great game.

Q: Who’s allowed to become a member?
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