2008 Smart Parts Paintball Gun Line

New Smart Parts Paintball Markers

Smart Parts released a few more paintball guns into their 2008 product line. The Ion XE, EOS, Vibe, and SP-1 are all now part of the Smart Parts family. I put together a small Smart Parts paintball gun comparison table with information pulled from SmartParts.com. The table depicts the differences in specifications between the markers, from weight to operating pressure. I figure it will help some people out in deciding which Smart Parts paintball gun is right for them.
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2007 World Cup Over – Ironmen Win!

2007 PSP Paintball World Cup

The 2007 PSP World Cup event ended on Sunday, October 29th. Team Ironmen took the cup defeating Boston Red Legion in the finals with a score of 7-6. Close game. Team Ironmen are now the new 2007 World Cup Champions, 2007 NXL Series Champions, and $30,000 richer.

Bea Youngs blogged about the event as she was announcing it. She also grabbed an interview with Ken Griffey Jr., who was there playing with his kids. Sounds like a cool guy. Check out a picture of his Ego 8. Watch the interview below.

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Watch the PSP World Cup Unfold!

PSP Live

PbLive.tv is covering the PSP World Cup paintball event in Orlando, Florida. Today is the second day of the event, with 4 more days left. I wish we could have made it to this one. The PSP World Cup is the most attended paintball event of the year. Check out the prizes for each division. Seems like a lot of dough, but you’d be surprised how much money a decent team throws down to get where they’re at. You can view the scores and schedules for the paintball event here.

Enter to Win a Free Dynasty Dysected DVD

Dynasty Dysected DVD Give-away

PaintballGuns.net is hosting a give-away for a Dynasty Dysected paintball DVD. Team Dynasty put together this DVD as an instructional, how-to video guide to the sport. The give-away has been opened for almost a month now. The winner is picked on Halloween (October 31st). Be sure to get your entry in and stay tuned.

Ego 8 Released

Planet Eclipse Ego 8
Planet Eclipse Ego 8

The much anticipated Ego 8 by Planet Eclipse has been announced. There have been some small and major changes from the Ego 7.

One of the main features of the Ego8 that has enabled the reduction in body/frame profile and allowed the rear of the frame to come closer to the barrel axis is the development of a completely new QEV assembly. – Planet Eclipse

Basically this means that Planet Eclipse made the Ego 8 more air efficient – a major plus to the gun.

There have been many “borrowed” technologies from their SL74 that are being used in the Ego 8. This isn’t bad necessarily. Maybe they received positive feedback from their SL74 customers saying they were pleased with its technology? Or maybe PE just got lazy and didn’t want to change anything.

Not many forumers have been saying positive things about the Ego 8 so far.


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Dye DM8 and PM8 Announced

The rumors are true about the release of the new 2008 line of Dye paintball guns. The announcement was quick and to the point: The DM8 (Dye Matrix 2008) and PM8 (Proto Matrix 2008) are coming soon. There isn’t a reliable source for a picture of the new Dye DM8 yet. The PM8, however, can be see below:

Dye PM8

Dye PM8 (Proto Matrix 2008)

The Dye DM8 and PM8 guns will both come with an all new, totally redesigned Hyper Reg that is significantly smaller, lighter, and has noticeably improved consistency and flow. It has been labeled the Hyper III.

The PM8 guns will come standard with an Ultralite Frame. It will contain next year’s stock UL board.

Robin Niehaus -DYE Precision, Inc.

There are a few things I’d like to mention here:

One, I’m anxious to see the official image release of the Dye DM8. I’ll release it as soon as we find it. Feel free to contact us if you get it before us.

Two, It looks as if both the DM8 and PM8 are more geared toward improving the efficiency rather than the cosmetics (looks). As you heard from their press release, the Hyper 3 regulator will be making it’s debut along with the 2008 gun line. This is nothing but good news to me. I have no doubt in my mind that the Dye DM8 will “wow” us as far as milling and overall looks go, Dye has a reputation for that – but really applaud them for taking initiative in improving the air flow and consistency of their markers. Also, despite what most people say about the PM8, I think they look sexy – always have.

Two, expect Dye’s 2007 product line to drop in price. I would hope they will do so before Christmas, but it doesn’t look like it. Regardless of when, it will happen. You should expect a drop between $100-$200 when the DM8 and PM8 release.

The release date for the new DM8 and PM8 will most likely be at the PSP World Cup event, but it isn’t confirmed.

Kingman Offers Universal Mail-in Rebates $10-$20 Off

Are you planning on purchasing a Kingman Spyder anytime soon? You’re in luck if you are. Kingman Spyder has just opened up a universal Mail-in Rebate program which allows its customers from any dealer (i.e. Xtremez, ActionVillage, or even local stores) to mail in their receipt, UPC code, and coupon form and receive a rebate between $10 to $20.

Of course, there are restrictions. The rebate only applies to the following Kingman Spyder paintball guns:

$10 Rebate

  • Spyder VS2
  • Spyder MR2
  • Spyder Xtra Super Kit
  • Spyder Tactical Sniper Kit
  • Spyder MR1 Kit

$20 Rebate

  • Spyder VS3
  • Spyder MR3

The mail-in rebate program is only effective from October 1st, 2007 to January 15th, 2008 (just through Christmas).

This rebate program is a marketing attempt to sway customers like yourself to choose Kingman Spyder over their competitors (cough, Tippmann) just before Christmas (the business shopping season). Nice move Spyder – you smart. But hey, I’ll take a $10 or $20 rebate if it’s as easy as that.

You can read Spyder’s official instructions on how to claim your rebate here.

Ballers – Is Paintball a Sport? (video documentary)

Spite Digital Productions

Spite Digital Productions
released a very well-done paintball documentary titled ‘Ballers’. The short, 10 minute video has interviews of regular folks answering questions regarding the “sport”. The ultimate question this video documentary addresses is: “Is paintball considered a sport or a mere hobby?”

I believe the argument can go both ways, honestly. It’s an interesting question to address, regardless of it’s stagnation. Watch the video below and then voice your opinion in the poll below that. Enjoy.


Xtreme Paintball on Fox Sports Net

Paintball on Fox

The NPPL has arranged a contract for a 13 episode series on Fox Sports Net titled ‘Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint’. Beginning October 2nd at 4:30 pm (in all time zones), the new paintball television series will air a new episode every Tuesday for 13 weeks (hence the 13 episodes).

What’s the show about?
Thanks for asking. It’s not what you probably thought it was when you first heard about it. It isn’t a game coverage show where they simply air the games at the NPPL like you’ve seen before.

The 13-part docu-drama series will be showcasing the lives, personalities and culture of the sport of paintball. The viewer will see the players as people before they see them as athletes. By using a wide spectrum of features, the show will breakdown the paintball industry with segments on globalization, Hollywood appeal, as well as the business of paintball and technology. -NPPL

Xtreme Paintball – Fox Sports Net SCHEDULE:
October 2, 2007: 4:30PM
October 9, 2007: 4:30PM
October 16, 2007: 4:30PM
October 23, 2007: 4:30PM
October 30, 2007: 4:30PM
November 6, 2007: 4:30PM
November 13, 2007: 4:30PM
November 20, 2007: 4:30PM
November 27, 2007: 4:30PM
December 4, 2007: 4:30PM
December 11, 2007: 4:30PM
December 18, 2007: 4:30PM
December 25, 2007: 4:30PM

I have high hopes for this new TV series. It looks promising. Spyder announced that they’ll be airing a 30-second TV advertisement. You can also read more about the show at the NPPL website.

Paintball – Some Random Facts

I’m the kind of guy who loves a good statistic, don’t you? Here’s a list of random facts and statistics relating to paintball in some way:

  • Searching for ‘paintball‘ on Google, there are 22.5 Million returned results. PaintballGuns.net is ranked 10th (bottom of first page).
  • Our paintball game has recently reached the 1 MILLIONTH game play.
  • Paintball has actually declined in popularity these last few years according to Google.
  • Ever wondered about the patents you see branded on every single piece of paintball equipment you have? You can read and view designs of every single patent related to paintball here.
  • Paintball was once illegal in New Jersey.
  • The possession of any kind of paintball marker/gun is currently illegal in many countries (Australia, Trinidad, Tobago, etc).

These are just a few of many interesting statistics regarding the paintball industry. Google is obviously a huge tool that helps spread the popularity and information on paintball. So, thanks Goog. Also, thanks to PB2X magazine for the idea of sharing such statistics on the sport.