Merry Christmas, or Whatever!

We here at would like to wish all of our visitors a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. Keep it real, keep it safe. *ALSO* Keep in mind that a lot of online and local paintball stores have after-Christmas sales and clearances. So if you get a bunch of cash from Aunt Susie or Uncle […]

Special Paintball Holiday Gift Guide is one of my personal favorite stores to shop for paintball gear. I’ve shopped with a few other online paintball stores over the 7 years I’ve been in paintball, and Xtremez is definitely one of the best. They ship internationally, and they’re fast. If you’re looking to get a good chunk of your Christmas […]

Kingman Offers Universal Mail-in Rebates $10-$20 Off

Are you planning on purchasing a Kingman Spyder anytime soon? You’re in luck if you are. Kingman Spyder has just opened up a universal Mail-in Rebate program which allows its customers from any dealer (i.e. Xtremez, ActionVillage, or even local stores) to mail in their receipt, UPC code, and coupon form and receive a rebate […]