Bushmaster B2K4 w/ PDS

Bushmaster B2K4

Well I have had a B2K4 w/ pds for awhile now so I figured I would write a review. I had problems for it when I first purchased everything I needed to get the gun shooting. The only problem I had was the gauge starting sticking, so I bought a new one (the stock one is huge anyways). The rest of the problems were with my drop which had nothing to do with the gun itself since I bought it separately. Once I got the problems fixed, I had a decent shooting mid-end gun. My setup is a

Blue to black fade B2K4 w/ PDS
Blue Halo B
68/4500 HP tank
blue dead on drop with on/off
small aftermarket Smart Parts gauge

3 point adjustable trigger
Fairly fast
Delrin bolt stock
fairly efficient after lubing and breaking in
strip the bolt out fairly fast on the field incase of breaks
PDS is break beam
weight isnt too bad
plenty of aftermarket upgrades
cocker threaded barrel
oring style detents
pretty comfortable stock grips
easy to opertate and maintain
no complaints with the stock barrel
price isnt to bad

only semi auto on stock board, must purchase a new board to have any options

doesnt come with elbows/macro/bottom line
very very tall
wiring is very easy to break
slow recharge on HP reg
may have shoot down with an LP tank
oring detents may wear out quick, so you should switch to a washer style detent

The gun shoots great for me. I have heard of other people having problems with theirs, but I have not had a problem with mine. The PDS works great, havent had a problem or any chops with it. I would suggest a halo b/empire b. If your B2K has any blow by then you will either need a new bolt with slots for orings, or you will need a force fed hopper. The gun shoots fast when you get the trigger set up to where you like it so you really should get a halo/empire on it anyways. Ive had a few refs come up to me asking to look at it and hold it and stuff like that. They said it shot identically to an Impluse. I would not know because I have never shot an Impulse before. The only gun around its level would probably be an Ion. Ions would be the better way to go seeing as how they have a lot more features than the B2K4. I was sick of seeing Ions at my local field so thats why I chose my B2K4. Well there is my review on the bushmaster B2K4 w/ PDS. Get an aftermarket board and a new reg and you should have a gun that can compete with some top end guns.

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