New Kingman Spyder


Operation: Unconfirmed: Blowback? Electropneumatic? FASOR? Spring Returned Ram? Will probably be something Kingman makes up their own name for….

Clamping Feedneck
Body Kits
Top Cocking
BreakBeam Eyes
2 Piece Barrel
Accepts Matrix grips

VS2 Has double trigger
VS3 (pictured) has a Rocking Trigger.

Here are the picture links…img16042mo.jpg…img16052bl.jpg…img16068cc.jpg…img16079sa.jpg…img16083dz.jpg…img16103lv.jpg

(taken from the Millenium Event in Paris, not my photo’s)

Great new step for Kingman to enter the ElectroPneumatic gun with a goal to actually do it right, unlike the Primal or EM1. Nice looking gun, I may have to pick one up as a loaner/tinkerer…

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